Bowler Performance Transmissions Featured

Route 4 Box 148, Lawrenceville, IL, 62439
Maybe you’ve seen Bowler Performance Transmissions at a car show or maybe you’ve “friended” them on MySpace. What began as a family-run repair shop grew to a family-owned business, which expanded its target market to include just about everyone: hot rods, muscle cars, street rods, drag cars, restoration, diesel performance, off-road racing and even tow vehicles.

Bowler builds custom-tailored transmissions for everything from daily drivers to 2500 hp drag cars, and everything in between. In addition to complete performance transmissions, they also rebuild customer transmissions – even of vehicles
dating to the early 1950s – and offer transmission rebuild kits for the do-it-yourselfer. Also available are transmission hard parts, converters, shift kits, deep aluminum pans and transmission coolers. Bowler has even developed and produced accessories that allow easy installation and proper functioning of modern overdrive transmissions into older vehicles.

But the real secret to their success is the
personal attention they give each customer. Many of the top builders in the country use Bowler Transmissions because of the quality of their products, standard 12-month warranty from the date of installation and unprecedented support. Personal technical support is available at the many nationwide car shows and events they attend, as well as at the shop, where they offer full installation and repairs. On-site support can be arranged and help is always just a phone call away.

All transmissions are based on foot-pound of torque ratings rather than horsepower and are designed to match your needs. Their attention to detail begins with a transmission custom-built to your vehicle specifications and an available mock-up you can build your rod around so everything fits when it’s time for the final assembly.

Bowler doesn’t believe in assembly-built transmissions; each one is built by a qualified mechanic and dyno-tested before shipment to ensure success in transferring the power under your hood to the tires on the ground. Get the right transmission the first time, and get it from a company that understands quality and backs it with superior customer support. With a specialty translating to performance, Bowler Transmissions is your key to putting the power to the asphalt. Contact us today for specifics on how we can build a specialty transmission for your ride.